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Robert Higgins provides consulting for startup and Fortune 500 companies concentrated on brand development, marketing best practices, and event facilitation. His success as an entrepreneur has progressed him into a coveted motivational speaker. He is unapologetically youthful while strategically exercising his mature business acumen to set standards. Robert is energetic and business savvy whose influence is volumetric and measurable.

Robert’s consulting method for success is examining the company’s target market to provide a customized and enriched experience for the demographic in which they serve.

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Robert has nurtured each of his business enterprises which have collectively yielded millions in revenue. This has cultivated his unwavering brand. He teaches his audience marketing, sales, and brand development in the areas of Entertainment, Business, Community, and/or Fashion.

Each speaking engagement allows Robert to inspire and enrich the minds of his audience. Robert shares real-life scenarios and aspects of his successes and failures to connect and uniquely resonate with each of their personal or corporate experiences. His business revelations inspire his audience members to reach the pinnacle of their personal success in preparation to expand their brand and business interests.


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