About Robert Higgins Jr.

Robert Higgins Jr. is a Culture Catalyst pushing culture forward in the areas of Entertainment, Business, Community Involvement, and Fashion.

Robert Higgins is an entrepreneur, curator of entertainment, real estate developer, business consultant, civic advocate, and motivational speaker. The entertainment impresario started his career over 10 years ago as one half of the creative helm, FlyMajor Entertainment. He became adept at developing young adult nightlife that has attracted crowds of 1,000-2,500 patrons. Robert effectively studied their target demographic to provide customized events that catered to patrons’ lifestyles, generating millions in revenue.

In 2009, Robert transitioned his entrepreneur prowess by opening a variety of swanky, quick-casual restaurants, lounges, and comedy clubs in the southern region. Each business has been frequented by Grammy® and Oscar® award winning celebrities. In his spare time, Robert enjoys engaging with the community by providing his time and capital helping disadvantaged youth in the south. His efforts focus on academic, social and athletic development. He is also a motivational speaker who provides thought-provoking and dynamic subject matter.

His proven expertise in entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing has formulated him into a viable business consultant. He has become the preferred consultant to assist businesses with profit growth and marketing.Robert’s entrepreneur track record is validated by him receiving prominent awards such as Nashville 30 Under 30 and Promotional/Event Company of the Year.

Year to date Robert Higgins Jr has opened five successful restaurant, bars, and lounges. He continues to produce events locally, nationally, and a yearly international trip in Cancun, Mexico. Robert has indulged in several real estate development projects, and spends a lot of time buying and renovating homes throughout southern region of United States.